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So many little time

Spending hours trying to find the perfect match at that empty big box bookstore or peeping at your friend’s dirty bookshelf on that Zoom call is not the most efficient way to find love that lasts.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.


You know what you like…and so do we. bīnder helps you find that special book to curl up on the couch with and fall in love. So you set mood and we’ll bring the book. 

Each episode consists of 12 dating-style questions to see if the featured book is a compatible match for you. However, we don't stop there... you also get to listen to a reading of the book's best passage. Oooh...


At the end of each episode you will have the opportunity to "swipe right" and take that book on a magical “date”. Is it getting hot in here?


Every episode ends with our infamous "One Nightstand”. Go ahead and submit your best 5-star review of the book's bīnder episode and you get a chance to receive a signed copy of the book to keep on your nightstand. 

Brown Chicken

    Brown Cow...

Let's Find a Match!

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